This page has all the Teams from the Sports Wall of Fame


Team Name Sport
A. N. Myer Girls Soccer Team OFSAA Champions, 1985 Soccer
A. N. Myer Senior Boy's Soccer Team 1980 Soccer
A.N. Myer Senior Football Champions, 1965 - 1966 Football
Battery Sport Shop Midget Baseball Team Ontario Champions, 1954 Baseball
Boone - Dionnes Squirt Soccer Team Ontario Champions 1981 Soccer
Brights OHA Senior B Champions 1938-1939 Hockey
Brights Senior Baseball Team 1940 Baseball
Brights Senior Baseball Team 1941 Baseball
Buckley's West Enders Juvenile Baseball Team 1936 Baseball
Buckley's West Ends Bantam Baseball Team 1936 Baseball
Burroughes Junior Baseball OBA Champions 1940 Baseball
Canadian National Railway CNR Juvenile Baseball Team 1932 Baseball
Cataracts Senior Baseball Team 1926 Baseball
Cataracts Senior Soccer Team 1927 Baseball
Caverly Dugouts Fastball Team Fastball
Chippawa Junior ‘C’ RiverHawks O.H.A. Champions 2001 Hockey
Chippawa Midgets Baseball Team 1960 Baseball
Chippawa Pee Wee Baseball Team 1958 Baseball
Chippawa Superchicks Basketball Team Basketball
Colonial Football Club 1910 Football
Colonial Football Club 1912 Football
Daw's Sheet Metal 1961 Provincial Champions ...Team Softball
Dino's AV Bantam Girls Soccer Team 1983 Soccer
Dynamos Rugby Football Club Team Rugby
Echoes Basketball Club 1929 - 1930 Basketball
Falls View Firemen Juveniles Baseball 1961 Baseball
Fallsview Firemen Major A Midget Hockey Team Hockey
Finbow's Juvenile Baseball Team 1966 Baseball
General Brocks Basketball Club 1938 - 1939 Basketball
German Village Soccer Team, 1960 Soccer
Gloria Sorley's Curling Team Curling
Hamcos Basketball Club 1940 Basketball
Houcks Senior Baseball Team 1946 Baseball
Junior Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) Club 1929 - 30 Hockey
Kerrio Construction Senior Baseball Champions 1957 Baseball
Lions Midget Baseball Team 1974 Baseball
Lorenzo Construction Junior Baseball Team 1958 Baseball
McRae's Senior "A" Fastball Team 1974 Fastball
Men's Four Lawn Bowling Team 1965 Lawn Bowling
Moose Lodge Junior Baseball Team 1938 Baseball
N.F.C.V.I. Junior Boys District & C.O.S.S.A. Basketball Champions 1945 Basketball
N.F.C.V.I. Senior Boys Basketball Teams, 1951, 1952 & 1953 Basketball
N.F.C.V.I. Senior District & C.O.S.S.A. Rugby (Football) Champions, 1944 Rugby
N.F.C.V.I. Senior Rugby District S.O.S.S.A. Champions, 1945 Rugby
NFCVI Girls Basketball Team circa 1937 - 1942 Basketball
NFCVI Senior Boys Basketball Team 1935 - 1936 Basketball
NFCVI Senior Boys Basketball Team 1962 -1963 - 1964 Basketball
NFCVI Seniors Basketball Team 1946 Basketball
Niagara Falls Anglicans 1935-1936 Women’s Basketball Team Basketball
Niagara Falls Canucks Jr. B Sutherland Cup All-Ontario Champions 1995-1996 Hockey
Niagara Falls Canucks Jr. B Sutherland Cup All-Ontario Champions 1997-1998 Hockey
Niagara Falls Citizen's Juvenile A OBA Champions Baseball
Niagara Falls Collegiate Vocational Institute (NFCVI) Junior Girls Basketball 1951-1952 Basketball
Niagara Falls GoodCheers Hockey Club 1939 - 1940 Hockey
Niagara Falls Hockey Club 1924 -1925 Hockey
Niagara Falls Minor Midget 'A' Canucks Hockey Team, 2013-2014 Hockey
Niagara Falls Mr. Transmission Midget Boys Fastball Team, 1991 Fastball
Niagara Falls Sons of England Football Team Football
Niagara Falls Springettes Soccer Team 1980 Soccer
Niagara Falls Titans U17 Boys Soccer Team, 2008 Soccer
Niagara Falls Titans U18 Boys Soccer Team, 2009 Soccer
Simcoe (Street School) Tigers Bantam Baseball Team 1939 Baseball
St. Michael Catholic High School Sr. Boys Soccer Team, 2008 Soccer
Stamford Athletic Running Club era 1931 - 1950 Running
Stamford C.V.I. Senior Football Teams 1966, 1967, 1968 Football
Stamford Centre Fireman Bantam Baseball 1967 Baseball
Stamford Centre Firemen's Association Bantam Baseball 1976 Baseball
Stamford Centre Firemen's Association Bantam Baseball Team 1980 Baseball
Stamford Centre Volunteer Firemen's Junior Soccer 1967 Soccer
Stamford Collegiate Institute Track & Field Team 1950 Track & Field
Stamford Collegiate Junior Girls Basketball Teams 1964, 1965, 1966 Basketball
Stamford Collegiate Senior Boys' Basketball Team, 1955 Basketball
Stamford Collegiate Track & Field Team 1951 Track & Field
Stamford CVI (Hornets) Senior Boys Basketball Team 1975 Basketball
Stamford Kerrios Senior B Hockey Team 1955 - 56 Hockey
Stamford Kiwanis Juvenile Baseball Team 1974 Baseball
Stamford Lorenzo Juvenile Hockey Team 1959 Hockey
Vibe Junior Competitive Synchronized Skating Team Synchronized Skating
Weightman's Junior O.B.A. Champions 1962 Baseball
YMCA Harriers Track Team 1926 Track & Field