Niagara Falls Collegiate Vocational Institute 1972 Football Team

Niagara Falls Collegiate Vocational Institute 1972 Football Team
English Football
First Row: Jerry Pasco, Tony Scaringi, Rick Calisina, Joe Wallace.

Second Row: Luigi Parri, Bruce Murray, Frank Candeloro, Albert Massi, Coach Aitchison, Jamie Chevers, Tony
Cuviello, Tony Costa, Larry Sirianni, Mike Rabishaw.

Third Row: Coach Church, Luigi Pietrouisti, Louis Vescio, Joe Palumbo, Joe Murray, Julian Peters, Kenneth Stanley Plata, Zoltan Dohar, Jim Anderson, Tom Mizibrocky, Barry Rabishaw, Otto Roman, Coach Chevers.

Fourth Row: Sam Mangiacasale, Tony DiToro, Dave Mesina, Gary Farrington, Brian Rizzo, Ed Seibert, Rino
Ferruccio, Vito Forte, Jerry Hunt, Mike McDonnell, John Pizzolato.

In 1972 the Niagara Falls Collegiate Vocational Institute (NFCVI) Football Team won the Zone Football Championships. This was the first football Championship team at NFCVI in 14 years. The team went undefeated 8-0, scoring 228 points and allowing only 26 points against over the season. This same team went 0 and 7 in 1969, without scoring a point until the fourth game of the season.

The team attribute their success to Coach Aitchison who joined NFCVI in 1971, who believed in his players and inspired them to work hard. That year, NFCVI beat Stamford, who had been the champions since 1958. Coach Aitchison and this team set the stage for several championship football teams in years to come.