Toth, Deborah

Toth, Deborah
English Martial Arts
1991 - Present
Deborah Toth is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Karate who trained in Martial Arts for almost 40 years and made a huge impact on the art and profession. Truly a trailblazer, Deborah’s contribution to developing and raising the quality of Martial Arts locally, provincially, and nationally is unmatched. She trained with the best in North America and brought these masters and their knowledge back to Niagara on a consistent basis, elevating especially Canadian Goju Ryu Karate.

Deborah created and developed programs that she taught throughout Niagara Region. She taught countless women the skills to remain safe and feel empowered with her female-centered Women’s Self Defense program and enriched the lives of many seniors with her popular Chair Tai Chi program. She taught professionally at her martial arts school in Niagara for 33 years, mentoring men, women, and children and ingraining skills and confidence. Integral to her approach is values-based learning, with emphasis on respect, compassion, gratitude, and community service.

Deborah has been an active community builder and volunteer for over 40 years. She donated memberships, created a Martial Arts Scholarship, and volunteered her time coaching (including two stints as coach with Team Canada). Her passion is activism against gender-based violence and she continues to give her time and attention to this and other causes.

Deborah is now retired but her legacy lives on in the art and profession and more importantly to her, in the lives of the many students that she has mentored.
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