Gallen, Ron

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Gallen, Ron
1991 - Present
Ron Gallen joined Boxing Ontario in 1980 and has been an active volunteer member in the boxing community for close to forty years. Ron took over the responsibility of operating the Niagara Falls Boxing Club in 1986. He has coached more than 150 competitive boxers including Mike Strange, Chuck Moscato, Eddie Dawson, and Scottie Paul. Ron's coaching has produced several provincial championships, four national champions and two ringside world champions.
Ron has spent a total of thirteen years as an executive member with Boxing Ontario, and six years on Boxing Canada's Board of Directors. He has also held the position of Chief Official and Director of Niagara Region Boxing.
Through the Niagara Falls Boxing Club, Ron has been a positive leader within our community, and also outside of Canada. In 2006, during a club trip to Cuba, Ron and the members donated new and used boxing equipment to a club near Havana. In 2008, a Ladies Only Box Fit Class was formed to provide affordable fitness to women in Niagara. In 2016, Ron created Rock Steady Boxing, for people suffering from Parkinson's Disease.
Ron's dedication to the sport of boxing, his success, and his ability to create affordable boxing programs has earned him a well-deserved spot on the Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame.
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Gallen, Ron