Miszk, Julianne

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Miszk, Julianne
Track & Field
1991 - Present
Julianne Miszk was born with both cognitive and physical disabilities; however, this did not stop her from becoming an accomplished, competitive para-athlete. Julianne has lived her entire life in Niagara Falls and has been an inspiration to all who have come to knew her.
School was always a challenge for Julianne. Difficulties aside, she enjoyed participating in a variety of activities. Before long, she developed a love for competing in swimming and running events. When Julianne entered high school, she competed in the Para-Athletic Division and qualified for the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Association Provincial Championships (OFSAA) in three sports; swimming, cross country running and track and field. During her high school years, Julianne became a seven time OFSAA "Para-Athletic Champion".
In 2015, Julianne's accomplishments allowed her to reach the Para-Athletic National Level. She competed at the Canadian Nationals held in Edmonton, Alberta, where she won a silver medal in the 800 meter race. The same year, Julianne received the "Para-Athlete of the Year" Award from the Niagara Sports Commission.
In 2016, at the age of eighteen, Julianne continued to compete as a para-athlete despite being diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatments for the disease. In that particular year of competition, she inspired and shocked everyone when she won the Southern Ontario Secondary School Association (SOSSA) "Mixed Para Division" cross country three kilometer race. Julianne also won a silver medal at the OFSAA Provincial Championships, held in Port Hope, Ontario.
Julianne's tenacity to overcome obstacles many thought were insurmountable was rewarded with astonishing results which led to be very well earned place on the Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame.
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