Reinhart, Ernest (Ernie) & Badovinac, Emil (Sonny)

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Reinhart, Ernest (Ernie) & Badovinac, Emil (Sonny)
Pre 1990
In 1969, Ernest and Emil convened a meeting to introduce the sport of Slo-Pitch to Canada. They wanted to encourage more people to play ball and make it easier for people to participate. They registered Slo-Pitch Canada as a not for profit organization and received a corporate seal, which still exists.
That same year, Ernie and Sonny created their first six team Men's Slo-Pitch league in Niagara Falls. Each team consisted of approximately ten players. The next year, the league doubled to twelve teams and the following year it expanded to twenty-four teams.
Their remarkable interest for this sport led Ernie and Emil to establish an annual Slo-Pitch tournament in Niagara Falls. By 1980 this event attracted 226 teams and was considered to have been the largest Slo-Pitch tournament in the world. The pilgrimage of players and fans filled hotel rooms and restaurants in Niagara Falls. It also required the use of every available playing venue in the city.
People from across Canada contacted Ernie & Emil for information on how to form a Slo-Pitch league and they were very pleased to provide their assistance. Slo-Pitch is a fun sport and is an excellent way to stay healthy and active. As a result, Slo-Pitch leagues were developed at all levels in order to include everyone that wanted to play.
Ernie and Emi were the foremost builders and promoters of the sport of Slo-Pitch and helped to connect people who could assist other groups and organizations to do the same.
Ernie and Emil's accomplishments have earned them a well-deserved place on the Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame.
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