A.N. Myer Senior Football Champions, 1965 - 1966

A.N. Myer Senior Football Champions, 1965 - 1966
Pre 1980
Inducted January 2016
A.N. Myer High School was built in 1957 and had only 16 rooms. Several Stamford Collegiate students transferred to Myer in its inaugural year. At the time, the student body was only able to provide enough athletes to field a senior football team. Coaches Fred Harvie and Eric DiPietro worked very hard to develop the Myer football program. It took several years to find the perfect combination of players and game plans to field a championship quality team. In the 1965-1966 season, despite a few upsets, the determination and fortitude of the A.N. Myer Senior Football Team resulted in becoming Zone Champions. At the time, this was the highest level achievable. This conquest was the first major championship title by any of Myer’s athletic programs – a first in Myer’s history! Barry Finlay, the back-up Quarterback of this celebrated team, became a future star in the Canadian Football League and is individually honoured on the Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame.
Front Row (left to right): Al Holton, Bill Kafal, Laird McConvey, Wayne Campbell, Brad Miller, Dave Mackenzie, Dave Richardson, Tim Belford. Second Row: Coach Fred Harvie, Derryck Smith, Dave Smith, Bruce Mottershead, John Read, Peter Aldridge, Raymond Iwasutiak (aka Ray Roman); Tony Polegato, Coach Eric DiPietro Third Row: Barry Sandercock, Ray Prystanski, George Smajda, Nick Zuj, Shane Belford, George Miller, Bill Bearss, Mike McGrillen Fourth Row: Rick Spironello, Bob Lutz, Barry Finlay, Bill Fairlie, Vic Borycheski, Bruce Warren, John Stewart Back Row: Joe Makin, David Copeland, Mike Heximer, Harris Bretzloff, Garry Halloran, Dave Wybrow, Larry Allison, Mark Revill, Rick Brooks, Gord Pellisero, Steve Ziemkiewicz
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