Etherington, Murray

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Etherington, Murray
1971 – 1990
Inducted into the City of Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame January 2011 ; Builder - Curling 1971 -1990 Era ;
Murray is totally dedicated to today’s youth and the game of curling, and cannot resist volunteering where needed. The fact that Murray has been to so many Provincials at so many levels has allowed him to meet some of the best Coaches in the sport. Developing athletes is very important, but to Murray, being able to develop their character is paramount. The confidence learned through this sport takes them through every walk of life. Murray’s approach to coaching is pretty simple really. He’ll even tell you he doesn’t do much, but that the curlers are the ones who do all the work. He is a firm believer that the curlers have to make choices. All he does is guides them. But the groundwork is there. If he recognizes that the curlers are struggling or making not so good choices, he guides them, but ultimately the decision is theirs. They go out there and do their best with what knowledge they have and play as a team. Win or lose, they do it as a team. Murray is recognized in many of the Clubs across Ontario and is respected by many of the OCA organizers, Coaches, players and volunteers. In 2007 when the Ontario Junior Mens’ team happened to make it to the Nationals, their Coach did not have the certification to take them there. Without hesitation, Murray was mentioned and quickly asked by the team of young men from Brantford who had known Murray over the years, recognizing his and his various coached teams’ accomplishments and the fact he had national certification. He is currently coaching the Mens’ and Ladies’ Curling Teams from Brock University and is looking forward to his upcoming year. Murray’s proudest supporters over the years have been his wife Kathy and their three sons: Nathanial, Rhys and Elliott.
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