Stavrou, Tabitha

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Stavrou, Tabitha
1991 - Present
On Friday, March 4, 2005, Tabitha Stavrou made history, becoming the first Niagara Falls female high school wrestler to win a Provincial Championship. The following month, Tabitha Stavrou captured the National title winning the 90-kilogram Juvenile National Wrestling Championship in St. John’s, Newfoundland. In only her second year of wrestling, Tabitha has won at both O.F.S.A.A. and at the National levels - the two toughest wrestling tournaments in Canada. A former Stamford Collegiate student, Tabitha is a national champion in two sports - wrestling and rugby. She has won three National Rugby Championships: in 2004, she won the Under-17 National Rugby Championship and in both 2005 and 2006, the Under-19 National Rugby Championships. She was also named the prestigious “Player of the Match”, after playing rugby for Canada in 2006. Tabitha notes that her signature wrestling move, a double leg attack, is similar to the method she uses to make tackles on a rugby pitch. Her skills have led her to play on five different rugby teams: Stamford Collegiate, St. Catharines Tigers’ Women’s Rugby Club Team, the Under-17 Ontario Team, the Under-19 Ontario Team, and the Canadian Under-19 Team.
In 2004, at Stamford Collegiate, Tabitha was honoured with the title “Female Athlete of the Year”. Tabitha’s Stamford wrestling coach, Gary MacDonald, has noted that Tabitha is a strong and focussed athlete, training seven days a week for rugby and five days a week for wrestling. Mr. MacDonald stated that Tabitha is a “kind person”. “She cares. She cares about you and about what she does, not wanting to let you down by performing poorly.” Tabitha has been scouted by both Canadian and United States Universities for her athletics. Her future plans include university and to become a physical education teacher.; Inducted January 21, 2007
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