Hilston, Lucille

Player Name
Hilston, Lucille
1971 – 1990
Lucille Hilston was involved in the sport of Baseball in Niagara for many years as a founding member, player and coach of Senior Co-ed Slo-Pitch leagues. Lucille was a member of the founding committee for the Niagara Falls Girls Minor Softball Association, in 1971. She coached a team the first year and was also an active supporter and spectator for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren throughout the years. In 1985, at the age of 66, Lucille organized the Co-ed 50 Years and Beyond “Half-Century Grandtimers” Slo-Pitch League. The league was strictly for fun and recreation, inviting Seniors in all levels of skill. As the league grew, it became more competitive. At the age of 71, Lucille started up the Co-ed 60 Years & Over “Grandtimers Slo-Pitch League. These leagues are believed to be the first in Canada. Lucille emphasized safety for the players by having an orange safebase on first, shorter base paths, softer baseballs, courteous runners and did not allow tagging. These “Grandtimers” won 8 trophies ;
The League Motto was to “Have Fun, Keep Fit and Socialize. Lucille inspired the grandparents out of their rocking chairs or onto the bleachers and onto the ballfield again. She hoped that by being a player, she would serve as an inspiration for other Seniors to join her league. During the season, the league enjoyed barbecues and banquets. In the Fall and Winter months, they played volleyball, badminton and mild exercises in a school gym. Lucille received a Certificate of Merit from the Government of Canada in 1988 by the Olympic Torch Committee for outstanding contributions to Niagara Falls by contributing unselfishly to her community. Lucille and some fellow Grandtimers rode on the City of Niagara Falls Municipal Float in 7 parades. Trophies, plaques, certificates, videos and articles were featured in the Slo-Pitch National Magazine and also featured on a Channel 7 Sports Broadcast. Lucille’s memoirs are documented through extensive newspaper articles and pictures. Thanks to Lucille, seniors have been having a “Grand” old time playing organized co-ed slo-pitch for over 20 years ;
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