Irvine, Bill

Player Name
Irvine, Bill
1900 – 1970
William (Bill) Irvine, a very dedicated sports enthusiast, devoted many years of his life to the game of ice hockey. His love for the sport began as an above average player, while performing with championship minor hockey teams in Stamford, Ontario. Hockey Icon, Jack Bell, was very impressed with Bill’s superb skating ability and vast knowledge of the sport. He introduced Bill as a referee in the Canadian Legion House leagues at the age of fourteen. After perfecting his officiating skills and being commended for it, Bill became a certified referee with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association. Reliable and proficient service led him to a job with the Ontario Hockey Association, performing as a linesman and referee for many seasons. The other leagues which Bill plied his services were: Stamford Lions Midgets, Niagara Falls Industrial, Chippawa “No-Hit”, High School, and Western New York Senior. He also refereed in various tournaments and Niagara Ball Hockey. Bill’s exceptional work ethic and unrivaled dedication to the sport, was admired by his supervisors and set a very splendid example for future referees to follow. Bill treasured the many friendships that were acquired through hockey, thoroughly enjoying the countless cities and venues where his assignments took him. Bill Irvine was always a very proud ambassador of his hometown of Niagara Falls ;
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