Dempsey, Elizabeth Lang

Player Name
Dempsey, Elizabeth Lang
1971 – 1990
It was 1972, and boys’ soccer was flourishing in Niagara Falls. During that season, it was discovered that a girl was playing on a boys’ team. This was something unheard of. The girl was allowed to play until the play-offs, but not in the play-offs. This caused quite a disturbance and many parents were annoyed. This was the spark for a determined Elizabeth (Betty) Dempsey to begin a girls’ soccer league. After contacting some friends and the Recreation Commission, the Niagara Falls Girls Minor Soccer Club was about to begin and grow into a phenomenal league. Elizabeth Dempsey was once quoted, “I have three sons and no daughters but I just felt there wasn’t enough for girls to do in this City and the women who had tried to organize a soccer league in the past had just not tried hard enough.” The first season, 200 girls registered and two divisions were formed. One division was for ages 7-10 and the other for 11-14 year olds. From humble beginnings Niagara Falls Girls Minor Soccer Club has grown significantly with each passing year. The Club now serves more than 1,600 girls and young women, in a sport that encourages excellence and leadership through teamwork. The City of Niagara Falls is proud to honour Elizabeth Dempsey for her commitment and dedication to sports in Niagara Falls. She will always be remembered as the founder of the Niagara Falls Girls Minor Soccer Club ;
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