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Angle, Doug and Campbell, Dave

Angle, Doug and Campbell, Dave
Angle, Doug and Campbell, Dave
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Title Angle, Doug and Campbell, Dave
Notes  Inducted January 2015
  Doug Angle and Dave Campbell started the Minor Girls Basketball League in Niagara Falls based on the organizational structure of the Minor Boys Basketball League. They were both decorated basketball players in their own right, each having won the Hilisheim Award along with numerous other individual awards for their athletic achievements. Doug and Dave grew the Minor Girls Basketball League to a level where it hosted hundreds of players each week, teaching skills and team work. It was a place where girls not only learned the game but were able to develop their sense of self and build lifelong friendships. These basic values that the league was established on still exist in the Niagara Falls Red Raiders (est. 1996) program. For their contribution to Minor Basketball, Doug and Dave have been honoured with the Robert Wilson Senior Merit Award. Together, they gave back to the sport and served the community in a big way by giving the girls a place to play.


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