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Newson, Clive

Newson, Clive
Newson, Clive
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Title Newson, Clive
Notes  Inducted January 2015
  Clive Newson was an avid sports enthusiast and prominent athlete, playing on several championship sports teams while growing up in Niagara Falls. Clive focused his post participation years to coaching elite level fastball teams, shaping the teams into formidable opponents.
Coach Newson holds five regional championships, a 1991 OASA Championship, and a Silver Medalist Canadian Nationals (Midget) in 1992. Additionally, five of his players went on to compete at the international level. Through his dedication and determination of providing leisure opportunities for young adults, he has greatly helped his players’ sporting careers and provided various life lessons along the way that will be cherished forever.
The information and skills learned from Coach Newson has been passed down to his players, many of whom are now coaching a new generation, carrying on all of Newson’s valuable tactics.
Clive Newson embodies the ideal role model for the Niagara Falls sports community, giving back and enhancing athletic opportunities for youth.
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