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NFCVI Seniors Basketball Team 1946

NFCVI Seniors Basketball Team 1946
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Throughout the years there have been many good senior C.O.S.S.A teams but unlike no other, this team rated above. These great athletes were the C.O.S.S.A champions of 1946. The boys and their coach Mr. Rose worked extremely hard at practices and exhibition
games in order to advance in the competition.

In a game against Welland the boys set a record in the C.O.S.S.A competition by scoring an outstanding 59 points, which is better than a point a minute. They eventually advanced to the semi finals for the Niagara District honors against Merritton and won. They went on
to play against Fort Erie and the boys beat Fort Erie taking a 57-42 lead on their own floor in the two game total point series. In the return game they lost by a single point. That was the only loss the athletes had that season while on their way to the championship. The boys played a great season and all their hard work and dedication paid off.

This was a well balanced, well coached, hardworking and dedicated team. The city of Niagara Falls and their schools were very proud of this teams accomplishments and have well earned and well deserved a place in the Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame. 

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Title Niagara Falls Virtual Sports Wall of Fame - N.F.C.V.I Seniors Basketball Team, 1946 1900-1970 Era
Notes  Inducted January 18 2009
Description  Back Row L-R: E.J. McGirr, Vernon Anderson (Manager), J.V. Rose (Coach) ; Centre Row L-R: Jack Potter, Des Clements, Frank Shepherd, Bill Sullivan, Dan Pangborn ; Front row L-R: Bob Rodgers, Cliff Priest, Paul Thomas, Shurlie Christenson, Cligg MacGillivary


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Team Member  Christenson, Shurlie 
Team Member  Clements, Des 
Team Member  MacGillivary, Cligg 
Team Member  McGirr, E J 
Team Member  Pangborn, Dan 
Team Member  Potter, Jack 
Team Member  Priest, Cliff 
Team Member  Rodgers, Bob 
Team Member  Shepherd, Frank 
Team Member  Sullivan, Bill 
Team Member  Thomas, Paul 
Team Coach  Rose, J V 
Team Manager  Anderson, Vernon 
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