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Stamford C.V.I. Senior Football Teams 1966, 1967, 1968

Stamford C.V.I. Senior Football Teams 1966, 1967, 1968
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There have been countless high school football teams that have won championships, but few compare to the 1966, 1967 and 1968 Stamford C.V.I. Hornet Senior Football Teams. Coupled with five straight victories from the 1965 team, these teams went undefeated in 29 consecutive games and won three Zone IV Championships. Most of the players were groomed by 1996 Wall of Fame Inductee Bob Irwin, who coached them on the junior teams. The 1966 and 1967 teams were coached by original Wall of Fame Inductee Doug Aitchison and assisted by 2000 Wall of Fame Inductee Bob Coull. Coull coached the 1968 team.

The 1966 Hornet team captured the coveted Zone title in a one-sided whipping of the Grantham Gators. The 1967 team played brilliant defence in a 7-0 victory over St. Catharines’ Denis Morris team. In 1968, on a muddy, torn up turf with increasing blizzard conditions, the Stamford Hornets and Denis Morris teams battled to an 18-18 deadlock and reigned as co-champions.

These three teams have many offensive and defensive stand-outs but on October 25th, 1968 in his Strictly Sports column, 2002 Wall of Fame Inductee Bill “Skip” Johns summed it up best by saying that Coull and Aitchson “both followed the same coaching theme - hard work and training and ‘good attitude’ boys, (making) excellent football teams.” 

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Original image 66-67 team  Original image 66-67 team
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Title Niagara Falls Virtual Sports Wall Of Fame - Stamford C.V.I. Senior Football Teams 1966, 1967, 1968 1900 - 1970 Era
Description  Front Row (left to right) – Don Trapasso, Bud Fisher, John Radolli, Joe Barillari, Ron Sunstrum, Doug Aitchison (Coach), Eric Atkinson, Ken Shuman, Chris Long, Ross Christian

Second Row – Brent Zimmerman, Jim Bredin, Bob Wilson, Rich Judge, Bob Hayes, Ernie Smith, Ed Fraser, Roger Castle, Paul Newton, Kent Patterson

Third Row – Frank Malewski, Dennis Moody, Jim Hill, Frank Gauthier, Bruce Ward, Ross Manno, Vic Ceccato, Doug Angle, Tom Gorham, Don Pierson

Last Row – Rob Feldman, Brian Donohue, Joe Artista, Brian Gastaldi, Joe Pidhurskyj, Doug Milich, Ron Serotiuk, Bill Johnston, Rick LaRush, Moreno Radolli
Notes  Inducted January 13, 2008
Original Image 67-68 Team  Original Image 67-68 Team
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Title Niagara Falls Virtual Sports Wall Of Fame - Stamford C.V.I. Senior Football Teams 1966, 1967, 1968 1900 - 1970 Era
Description  Front Row (left to right) – John Corlett, Dennis Moody, Vic Ceccato (Co-Captain), Mr. W. H. Dixon (Principal), Doug Aitchison (Head Coach), Doug Angle (Co-Captain), Jim Hill (Co-Captain), Moreno Radolli, Paul Newton ; Second Row – Bob Coull (Coach), Garth McQueen, Ken Murray, Rich Judge, Jerry Salvatore, Rob Feldman, Ernie Smith, Mike Greenspan, Rick Larush, Brent Zimmerman (Coach) ; Third Row – John Vancea, Eric Smith, Tom English, Al Dixon, Ward Eagen, Don Taddeo, Bob Wilson, Russ Ronholm

Fourth Row – Brian Gastaldi, Keith Dunnett, Dave Warner, Don Trapasso, Ross Christian, Pat Walters, Greg Vicars.

Back Row – Frank Malewski (Manager), Tim Crowe, Gerry Gibbs, Jim Barr, Al Judge, Ken Shuman, Dennis Letourneau, John McRae, Glenn Arsenault (Manager).

Notes  Inducted January 13, 2008
Original image 68 Team  Original image 68 Team
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Title Niagara Falls Virtual Sports Wall of Fame - Stamford C.V.I. Senior Football Team, 1968
Description  Front Row (left to right) – W. H. Dixon (Principal), Bob Coull (Head Coach), Dave Warner, Tim Crowe, Garth McQueen, Earl Shuman, Ed Sobien, Ken Mason (Assistant Coach)

Second Row – Pat Walters, Pat Salvatore, Clare Muisiner, Brooke Phemister, Bora Zekavica, Tom Anthes, John Corlett, Tom Gorham.

Third Row – Russ Ronholm, Jerry Pozzebon, Mike Matthews, Brian Arsenault, Glen Finbow, Tom English, Ward Eagen, Ted Senese.

Fourth Row – Frank Malewski (Manager), Danny Covelli, Mark Grimstead, Ken Murray, Barry Beal, Vito Del Vecchio, Greg Vicars, Sheldon Francis, Paul Williams.

Back Row – Cameron Diggon, Gerry Gibbs, Alan Judge, Bill Britt, Darcy Nadeau, Rob Wilkinson, Ron Rysdale.
Notes  Inducted January 13, 2008


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Team Member  Angle, Doug 
Team Member  Anthes, Tom 
Team Member  Artista, Joe 
Team Member  Atkinson, Eric 
Team Member  Barillari, Joe 
Team Member  Barr, Jim 
Team Member  Beal, Barry 
Team Member  Bredin, Jim 
Team Member  Britt, Bill 
Team Member  Castle, Roger 
Team Member  Ceccato, Vic 
Team Member  Christian, Ross 
Team Member  Corlett, John 
Team Member  Covelli, Danny 
Team Member  Crowe, Tim 
Team Member  Del Vecchio, Vito 
Team Member  Diggon, Cameron 
Team Member  Dixon, Al 
Team Member  Donohue, Brian 
Team Member  Dunnett, Keith 
Team Member  Eagen, Ward 
Team Member  English, Tom 
Team Member  Feldman, Rob 
Team Member  Finbow, Glen 
Team Member  Fisher, Bud 
Team Member  Francis, Francis 
Team Member  Fraser, Ed 
Team Member  Gastaldi, Brian 
Team Member  Gauthier, Frank 
Team Member  Gibbs, Gerry 
Team Member  Gorham, Tom 
Team Member  Greenspan, Mike 
Team Member  Grimstead, Mark 
Team Member  Hill, Jim 
Team Member  Johnston, Bill 
Team Member  Judge, Rich 
Team Member  LaRush, Rick 
Team Member  Letourneau, Dennis 
Team Member  Long, Chris 
Team Member  Malewski, Frank 
Team Member  Manno, Ross 
Team Member  Matthews, Mike 
Team Member  McQueen, Garth 
Team Member  McRae, John 
Team Member  Milich, Doug 
Team Member  Moody, Dennis 
Team Member  Muisiner, Clare 
Team Member  Murray, Ken 
Team Member  Murray, Ken 
Team Member  Nadeau, Darcy 
Team Member  Newton, Paul 
Team Member  Patterson, Kent 
Team Member  Phemister, Brooke 
Team Member  Pidhurskyj, Joe 
Team Member  Pierson, Doug 
Team Member  Pozzebon, Jerry 
Team Member  Radoli, John 
Team Member  Radolli, Moreno 
Team Member  Ronholm, Ron 
Team Member  Rysdale, Ron 
Team Member  Salvatore, Jerry 
Team Member  Senese, Ted 
Team Member  Serotiuk, Ron 
Team Member  Shuman, Ken 
Team Member  Smith, Eric 
Team Member  Smith, Ernie 
Team Member  Sobien, Ed 
Team Member  Sunstrum, Ron 
Team Member  Taddeo, Don 
Team Member  Trapasso, Don 
Team Member  Vancea, John 
Team Member  Vicars, Greg 
Team Member  Walters, Pat 
Team Member  Ward, Bruce 
Team Member  Warner, Dave 
Team Member  Wilkinson, Rob 
Team Member  Williams, Paul 
Team Member  Wilson, Bob 
Team Member  Zekavica, Bora 
Team Member  Zimmerman, Brent 
Team Coach  Aitchison, Doug 
Team Coach  Coull, Bob 
Team Assistant Coach  Mason, Ken 
Team Manager  Arsenault, Glenn 
Team Manager  Malewski, Frank 
(Other)  Dixon, W H 
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