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Long, Jack (Johnny)

Long, Jack (Johnny)
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Jack (Johnny) Long, head of the Stamford Collegiate Physical Education Department, was a major influence on the lives of many local and Provincial athletes.

When he arrived at Stamford in 1945, Johnny initiated immediate significant improvements in coaching, training and equipping of athletes. The changes he made led the way for many other area schools.

While at Stamford, Johnny coached football, track and field and basketball. Because of his coaching and guidance, many of his athletes competed successfully at the university level. Several of the track and field athletes became Provincial and National champions, and a number of football players signed professional contracts. In 1950 and again in 1951, his track and field teams won Dominion championships, competing against some of the largest and best Canadian high school teams.

Johnny Long’s success at Stamford led to some outstanding contributions at the Provincial level. From 1962 when he became an Inspector of Physical Education, to 1981, he held a number of positions with the Ministry of Education, and designed programs still in use today. In addition, he served as Director of S.O.S.S.A. for eighteen years, Ministry of Education representative to O.F.S.A.A. for thirteen years, and Director of the Ontario Athletic Leadership Camp for eleven years.

Johnny has received many awards for his contributions to Physical and Health Education. In 1979, he was honoured by the Canadian Federation of Provincial School Athletic Associations for “outstanding service in the field of interschool athletics”. He retired in May 1981, but recognition for his accomplishments did not end. In May 2001, he was honoured by Stamford Collegiate as the first inductee to the school’s Wall of Fame. This was followed by the naming of the "Jack (Johnny) Long Gymnasium" at Stamford Collegiate.

Johnny Long is honoured and respected throughout Ontario for his innovative and progressive work in physical education and coaching, and for his dedication to the development of young athletes. 

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Title 15th annual Sports Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Jack (Johnny) Long
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Date  January 18, 2004.
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Title Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame - Jack (Johnny) Long Builder era 1951 - 1970
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Date  January 13, 2004.
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