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Colonial Football Club 1912

Colonial Football Club 1912
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The Colonial Football Club were a force to be reckoned with during the early 1900's. Winners of the Niagara and District League from 1909 - 1912, they went on to become the Semifinalists of the Ontario Intermediate Championships in 1909, and the Ontario Champions from 1910 - 1912.

In order to guarantee advancement to the Ontario Championship Finals, they first had to defeat the Hamilton Lancashire, which they did on September 16th, 1912, crushing their opponents 5 - 2. Two weeks later they would be on their way to the coveted title.

The Colonials met with the Green River team for the finals which was a "best of 2" game series of total goals. The first game of the series was played in Green River. Here the Colonials lost with a close score of 2 - 1, but they would not let their focus and determination sway.

On September 30th, 1912, the Green River Team was no match for the mighty Falls lads on this sunny and windy day played in Queen Victoria Park. Before a large, cheering crowd, every Colonial team player gave their all when called upon during the well played contest, to ensure the Championship Cup returned to the Falls.

The Colonials won the toss and elected to play against the wind with the sun in their favour. The locals soon learned that they had a big task before them. The play was very fast with end to end rushes by both teams. Lumsden scored on a 30 yard play to give the Colonials a one goal lead. Starting the second half, the locals continued to press hard including a penalty shot that hit the cross bar, and only great goaltending by Green River saved the many hard shots coming from all directions. The Green River "keeper" kept their team in the game all day, however, the Colonials played well at both ends, and at the end of regulation time, the score was 1 - 0 in favour of the locals.

Two periods of extra time were played, but their opponents were unable to stand the pace, and early in the second overtime, T. Marshall scored, giving the Colonials the win and their second Ontario Cup in three years. 

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Title Colonial Football Team, Niagara Falls Canada Western Intermediate Champions 1912 ...
Notes  Western Intermediate Champions, 1912, All Ontario Intermediate Champions, 1912
Date  November 9, 1912.
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Title Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame - Colonial Football Club 1912 era 1900 - 1950
Description  title continued: Western Ontario Intermediate Champions
Notes  Image may not be reproduced without the written consent of the City of Niagara Falls, Parks, Recreation and Culture Department ; induction January 2004 ; Front Row: B Effrick with Fraser Cup, D Howarth with Lafayette Cup, R Stocks with Ontario Cup, T Marshall with Western Cup, C Holmes with Sullivan Cup ; 2nd Row: G R Harrison Secretary, Fred Howarth, H Leaver Captain, Alex Lumsden, T Barnes, T Bradley Trainer ; Third Row: H Howarth, T Burnett, B Clarkson, Harry Pew Vice-Pres, W Jones, R Howarth, Evan E Fraser MPP Pres., A McPherson, L Graham, F Howarth, Harry Wilson Sec. ;
Date  January 13, 2004.


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Team Member  Barnes, T 
Team Member  Burnett, T 
Team Member  Clarkson, B 
Team Member  Effrick, B 
Team Member  Graham, L 
Team Member  Harper, A 
Team Member  Holmes, C 
Team Member  Howarth, D 
Team Member  Howarth, F 
Team Member  Howarth, Fred 
Team Member  Howarth, H 
Team Member  Howarth, R 
Team Member  Jones, W 
Team Member  Leaver, H 
Team Member  Lumsden, Alex 
Team Member  MacPherson, A 
Team Member  Marshall, T 
Team Member  Stocks, Robert 
(Other)  Fraser, Evan E 
(Other)  Harrison, G R 
(Other)  Wilson, Harry 
Team Trainer  Bradley, T 
Team Trainer  Pew, Harry 
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