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Colonial Football Club 1910

Colonial Football Club 1910
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Western Ontario Intermediate Championship and Ontario Intermediate Cup

Season 1910, Record: Played 13, Won 9, Drawn 2, Lost 2

"Niagara Falls Means Power", "Colonials-Champions" were the headlines on the front page of the Niagara Falls Daily Record Newspaper, September 6, 1910.

In the final Ontario Championship game, overcoming the handicap of one goal from the first game, the Colonials of this city decisively defeated the strong Green River team, in extra periods, in a game played before thousands, in Queen Victoria Park.

The Championship game proved the Colonials were the premier team of Ontario and one of the best in the Dominion. It brought out the best qualities in every player The winning score was gained in a dramatic manner. The play had been fast and furious for two (2) hours before Robert Stocks kicked it through. The huge crowd went crazy with enthusiasm.

The team consisted of eight Englishmen, one Scotchman, one Welshman, by birth and two (2) native born Canadians - Burton Effrick and Robert Mitchell. All of these men were very dedicated to their sport, loved Niagara Falls and deserved all of the recognition that they received. 

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Title Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame - Colonial Football Club 1910 era 1900 - 1950
Description  title continued: Western Ontario Internediate Champions and winner of the Ontario Intermediate Cup
Notes  Image may not be reproduced without the written consent of the City of Niagara Falls, Parks, Recreation and Culture Department ; induction January 2004 ; Front Row: B Effrick, R Stocks, T Marshall (Captain), F Howarth, R Mitchell ; Second Row: C Wincott, A Dodge, H Lever, T Barnes ; Back Row: T Reid (trainer, Alex McPherson (Vice-Captain), Evan E Fraser (MPP & President), W Jones, Mayor O E Dores (Vice President), F R Harrison (Secretary, W Heeley (Manager) ;
Date  January 13, 2004.


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Team Member  Barnes, T 
Team Member  Dodge, A 
Team Member  Effrick, B 
Team Member  Howarth, F 
Team Member  Jones, W 
Team Member  Lever, H 
Team Member  Marshall, T 
Team Member  McPherson, Alex 
Team Member  Mitchell, R 
Team Member  Stocks, Robert 
Team Member  Wincott, C 
Team Manager  Heeley, W 
(Other)  Dores, O E 
(Other)  Fraser, Evan E 
(Other)  Harrison, F R 
Team Trainer  Reid, T 
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