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Kelly, Brian

Kelly, Brian
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Brian won every amateur championship in Ontario from 1947-1950 in weight classes ranging from 85 pounds to 126 pounds. Brian became the youngest boxer ever to win a senior Canadian Championship. Brian won the Dominion Championship in 1950 in 1:16 minutes of the first round in Lethbridge, Alberta.

In the first two years of his boxing career, Brian fought 81 times. He won 43 of them by decision and 33 of them via the knockout route. Of the five defeats he suffered, he beat these opponents in return matches, three of them by K.O.

In 1951 Brian defeated the Canadian Lightweight titlist with a unanimous decision at the age of 18. Brian had an outstanding pro career from 1950-1955. He defeated two world champions, Welterweight Tony Demarco and junior Welterweight Ralph Dupas. 
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