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Bromhall, Bert

Bromhall, Bert
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Bert Bromhall arrived in Niagara Falls at the age of six from England and he spent the next eighty years as a local resident. Bert began his softball career in 1923 playing for his life long place of employment the Dominion Chain Company.
In 1926, when the International Fastball league began, Bert started playing with The Review. From 1926 to 1934 he played with the 1927 Huntingford Dairy; 1928 Rainbow Dairy; and finished with the 1934 Merchant Champions. The 1929 and 1930 seasons were spent with the Taylor & Bate Champs and Burgess Battery 1931-32-33 Champs their last two years. In one season with Burgess Battery, Bert hit 15 home runs in a 28 game schedule. These two outstanding teams were rated the best Canadian Products of this league. The same two teams opened the new Oakes Park on Civic Holiday in 1931 with an exhibition game.
During this time, the softball was changed from a 14-inch outseam to a 13-inch inseam in 1927; then to a 12-inch inseam in 1931. Pitching distance was 33 feet and the base lines 45 feet. Crowds of more than 3000 people would attend playoff games at the Simcoe Street field. One time, more than 5000 fans attended a game at Haeberle Field in Niagara Falls, New York.
Local softball was revised and expanded to eight teams in 1937 and 15 teams in 1947. In 1941 the pitching distance was changed to 40 feet and base lines to 60 feet and has remained the same to this day.
Bert Bromhall played the game for over a quarter century on many teams and won several Championships. 'Mr. Softball' was the nickname given to Bert, a fitting title, to honour his long and successful career. 

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Title 13th annual Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame - Bert Bromhall
Notes  Induction January 2002 ;
Date  January 20, 2002.
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