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Niagara Falls Springettes Soccer Team 1980

Niagara Falls Springettes Soccer Team 1980
Niagara Falls Springettes Soccer Team 1980

In the fall of 1980, The Niagara Falls Springettes ladies Soccer Team captured the Ontario Cup Championship in Oshawa against their arch-rivals the St. Catharines Jets. The scoreless first half was a hard fought contest especially by Margaret Ainslie, who deflected a shot by Debbie Ohlson and made the first goal and Betty Dow clinched the win with her shot in the right hand corner. Great playing by Lori Georgieff, Susan Ohlson, Carol Magda and Cheryl Medvesky kept the Jets off the scoreboard.
The Springettes became the first Niagara Falls Women's Soccer Team to win a Provincial Title along with five league Championships and four Play-off Championships. Truly a fine inspiration to all soccer enthusiasts. 

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Title 13th annual Sports Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Niagara Falls Springettes Ladies Soccer team Ontario Cup Champions
Creator  Simon, Pat
Description  Ladies Soccer team Ontario Cup Champions
Notes  Induction January 2002 ; Team members included Pat DiGirolamo Coach, Lisa Fantanel, Sue Ohlson, Alan Janvary assistant coach, Donna Mayer, Deb Ohlson, Heather Ainslie, Cheryl Medvesky, Lori Georgieff, Jen McKechnie, Ginny Janvary, Mary Ann McKinley, Margaret Ainslie, Daniella Guerin, Carol Madga, Betty Dow,Debbie Nehelie, Joanne McKinley,
Date  January 20, 2002.


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Team Member  Ainslie, Heather 
Team Member  Ainslie, Margaret 
Team Member  Dow, Betty 
Team Member  Fantanel, Lisa 
Team Member  Georgieff, Lori 
Team Member  Guerin, Danielle 
Team Member  Janvary, Ginny 
Team Member  Magda, Carol 
Team Member  Mayer, Donna 
Team Member  McKechnie, Jen 
Team Member  McKinley, Joanne 
Team Member  McKinley, Mary Ann 
Team Member  Medvesky, Cheryl 
Team Member  Nehelie, Debbie 
Team Member  Ohlson, Deb 
Team Member  Ohlson, Sue 
Team Coach  DiGirolamo, Pat 
Team Assistant Coach  Janvary, Alan 
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