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YMCA Harriers Track Team 1926

YMCA Harriers Track Team 1926
YMCA Harriers Track Team 1926

The 1920's and early 1930's were highlighted, in an athletic sense, by the annual Thanksgiving Day relay race between Niagara Falls and St. Catharines with each of the two cities represented by its best team of runners. The race, which began by virtue of a challenge in 1922, became known as the Man-A-Mile Race. The course was thirteen and a half miles with each of the first thirteen runners on either side running a mile, the final half mile being allotted to a speedy finisher.
The 1926 Y.M.C.A. Harriers of Niagara Falls was one of the best of this era. It captured the fifth annual relay race run on November 8, 1926. This chalked up the third victory for the Falls team in the first five years of the competition. Its selection to the Wall of Fame not only commemorates its own victory but serves as a tribute to the hard work, dedication to training, and athletic ability of all the great Harrier runners who represented Niagara Falls from 1922 to 1934 at which time this event was discontinued. These men provided great thrills for the many spectators who lined the course each year and, more importantly, were a great inspiration for the people of the community.
The Man-A-Mile Race was revived in 1979 and now continues the same Thanksgiving tradition with as many as 12 teams competing from throughout the Niagara Region. 


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