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Stamford Kiwanis Juvenile Baseball Team 1974

Stamford Kiwanis Juvenile Baseball Team 1974
Stamford Kiwanis Juvenile Baseball Team 1974

In 1974, after an extremely successful year, the Stamford Kiwanis Juvenile Baseball Team won the title of the Ontario Baseball Association Champions. This victory came after playing ball together for many years and one year earlier, in 1973 this fine group of young men had reached the OBA finals, only to be defeated by Windsor.
The championship year (1974) they went undefeated throughout the Niagara District League and went on to win the Provincial Championship for Niagara Falls at the Juvenile level. During the semi-finals they beat Brockville in three games and in the finals beat out Windsor, again in 3 games.
The Stamford Kiwians Juvenile Baseball Team, 1974 OBA Champs represented the citizens of Niagara in a very respectable manner and gained many fans and friends along their way. 

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Title 12th annual Sports Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Stamford Kiwanis Juvenile Baseball 1974
Creator  Simon, Pat
Notes  Induction January 2001 ; Team members included Bat Boy Mike Winter, Pat Flynn, Bryan Winter, Rick Winer, Mike Fitzgerald, Vic Teso, Steve Kitney, Ted Didemus, Dan Ane Coach, Ron Mace, Richard Quagliariello, Don Bogar, Kevin Kitney Manager, Pat Burgess, Vic DiMartino, John Sadler Coach, Peter Aleo, Wayne Englehart, Tony Scaringi, Mike Cross, Al Longmuir, Hal Walker ;
Date  January 21, 2001.


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Team Member  Aleo, Peter 
Team Member  Bogar, Don 
Team Member  Cross, Mike 
Team Member  Didemus, Ted 
Team Member  DiMartino, Vic 
Team Member  Englehart, Wayne 
Team Member  Fitzgerald, Mike 
Team Member  Flynn, Pat 
Team Member  Kitney, Kevin 
Team Member  Kitney, Steve 
Team Member  Longmuir, Al 
Team Member  Mace, Ron 
Team Member  Quagliariello, Richard 
Team Member  Scaringi, Tony 
Team Member  Teso, Vic 
Team Member  Walker, Hal 
Team Member  Winer, Rick 
Team Member  Winter, Bryan 
Team Coach  Ane, Dan 
Team Coach  Sadler, John 
Team Manager  Burgess, Pat 
(Other)  Winter, Mike 
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