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Stamford Kerrios Senior B Hockey Team 1955 - 56

Stamford Kerrios Senior B Hockey Team 1955 - 56
Stamford Kerrios Senior B Hockey Team 1955 - 56

In 1956, the Stamford Kerrio's was awarded a provincial title when they successfully defeated a Dundas team. The success of the Kerrio's Senior “B” Hockey Team ranged from their spirited coach, to their fine defence, to the tireless checking of the forwards, and the honours of their fine scorers. The real success of the Stamford Kerrio's was their strong team effort when the chips were down. The Kerrios ousted a fast skating, experienced Dundas crew and won with the accent on hard but exceptionally clean play throughout.

During the team's era, hockey was a big recreational passtime for many families. The Stamford Arena was always full of spectators, whether it was a regular season or a playoff game, it was not unusual for standing room only crowds. This team is recognized fa their effort and dedication as part of Niagara Falls hockey history. 


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Team Member  Barnes, Jack 
Team Member  Bartolomei, Buster 
Team Member  Bell, Jack Sr 
Team Member  Biamonte, Ralph Sr 
Team Member  Caveros, Doug 
Team Member  Climac, Mike 
Team Member  Cushing, Malcolm 
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Team Member  Smelle, Tom 
Team Member  Sokolswki, Hank 
Team Member  Somerville, Jim 
Team Member  Sootheran, Herb 
Team Member  Southon, Earl 
Team Sponsor  Germano, Earl 
Team Sponsor  Kerrio, Charlie (Charles) 
Team Manager  Moore, Stu 
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