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Dynamos Rugby Football Club Team

Dynamos Rugby Football Club Team
Dynamos Rugby Football Club Team

The Dynamos Football Club won the O.R.F.U. Intermediate Championship in 1947, the first provincial title in football for Niagara Falls. The club organized during the summer of 1946, largely through the efforts of Phil Downie and many of the players were local returning veterans. During the 1947 season the Dynamos played a series of games against the University of Toronto Intermediates, the Oshawa Senior "B" Red Raiders, the University of Toronto Ajax squad of Canadian war veterans and the Hamilton Wildcat Juniors. The season opener at Oakes Stadium marked the first time in the history of Niagara Falls that a football game was played under lights and another first was recorded when the Dynamos handed the Wildcat team its first loss of the season and its third in three years. The well-conditioned, [--ustling] Niagara Falls side [--d] from these contests with three wins and two losses and prepared to take on the Eastern Provincial champion Cobourg Galloping Ghosts in a long awaited sudden-death [--e] for the provincial title. After a six hour bus trip which saw them arrive at the snow-banked Oshawa field shortly before game time, the spirited Dynamos employed a driving brand of football and [--k] [d--] to avenge their defeat by Cobourg in the 1946 championship round and capture the 1947 O.R.F.U. Intermediate title by a score of 13-6. The Niagara Falls [--gation] held the Ghosts scoreless for the entire second half and guaranteed the win in the fourth quarter when Dynamos' middle L. Kitney scooped up an errant Cobourg [--eral] and streaked down the field to [reg--] a touchdown.

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Title 1st annual Sports Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Niagara Falls Dynamos Rugby Football
Creator  Simon, Pat
Notes  Team members included: S. Bell Trainer, Paul Aleo, Phil Downie, Jake Kitney, Bob Barnes, Hugh Main, Bruce McPherson, Louis Desson, Howard Beam, Al Luciano, Bill Leskiw, Graham Code, Jason Dixon, Vince Kerrio, John Sumner, Bruce & Gordon Johnson, Lawrence Kitney, Lou Ceccato, Ray McAndrew, Jack Kelly, Jerry O'Donoghue, Erin Stroud, Brock Hunchberger, Carmen Carlo, Charles Newman, Alex Tanos, Charles Petrullo ; William Anderson, Phil Camisa, Jerry Garrard, John Goodwin, Sam Lazich, Allan MacGillivray, Bill Maytek, Jules Obireck, Ralph O'Donnell, Albert Plummer, S. Rossiania, Bill Smith, Ken Borisuck Assistant Coach ;
Date  January 14, 1990.


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Team Member  Aleo, Paul 
Team Member  Anderson, William 
Team Member  Barnes, Bob 
Team Member  Beam, Howard 
Team Member  Camisa, Phil 
Team Member  Carlo, Carmen 
Team Member  Ceccato, Lou 
Team Member  Code, Graham 
Team Member  Desson, Louis 
Team Member  Dixon, Jason 
Team Member  Downie, Phil 
Team Member  Garrard, Jerry 
Team Member  Goodwin, John 
Team Member  Hunchberger, Brock 
Team Member  Johnson, Bruce 
Team Member  Johnson, Gordon 
Team Member  Kelly, Jack 
Team Member  Kerrio, Vince 
Team Member  Kitney, Jake 
Team Member  Kitney, Lawrence 
Team Member  Lazich, Sam 
Team Member  Leskiw, Bill 
Team Member  Luciano, Al 
Team Member  MacGillivray, Allan 
Team Member  Main, Hugh 
Team Member  Maytek, Bill 
Team Member  McAndrew, Ray 
Team Member  McPherson, Bruce 
Team Member  Newman, Charles 
Team Member  O'Donnell, Ralph 
Team Member  O'Donoghue, Jerry 
Team Member  Obireck, Jules 
Team Member  Petrullo, Charles 
Team Member  Plummer, Albert 
Team Member  Rossiania, S 
Team Member  Smith, Bill 
Team Member  Stroud, Erin 
Team Member  Sumner, John 
Team Member  Tanos, Alex 
Team Coach  Bell, S 
Team Assistant Coach  Borisuck, Ken 
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