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NFCVI Girls Basketball Team circa 1937 - 1942

NFCVI Girls Basketball Team circa 1937 - 1942
NFCVI Girls Basketball Team circa 1937 - 1942

N.F.C.V.I. basketball teams captured top honours in collegiate basketball during the period from 1937 to 1942, taking six Niagara District titles and five C.O.S.S.A. championships including an unprecedented three consecutive senior titles. The impressive Collegiate reign began in 1937 - 38 when the junior cagers, competing against representatives from the Georgian Bay, Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte regions at the annual tournament in Toronto,
1937-38 outscored opponents 78-30 to claim the C.O.S.S.A. championship. This achievement was repeated the following year when the junior aggregation again won the C.O.S.S.A. crown in convincing fashion.After registering a perfect record during league and district play during the 1939-40 season, both the junior and senior teams advanced to the C.O.S.S.A. championship competition where the senior squad led by the sparkling performance of Lucy Joinette,dominated the opposition and garnered C.O.S.S.A. laurels.

The senior side continued to uphold the N.F.C.V.I. tradition of basketball excellence, displaying a championship brand of ball and soundly defeating Bowmanville and Owen Sound to triumph in the 1940-41 edition of the C.O.S.SA. tournament. Paced by the efforts of Margaret Scott, Adeline Smillie and Florence Cannon the classy 1941-42 senior crew put on a defensive clinic, defeating Port Hope 30-4, to cap yet another undefeated season by winning the fifth C.O.S.S.A. basketball championship in as many years for N.F.C.V.I. 

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Title 15th annual Sports Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony - NFCVI Girls Basketball Team
Creator  Simon, Pat
Description  Team members included : Margaret Scott, Zorka Yankoff, Mary Walker Coach, E.J.McGirr Principal, June Hunt, Margaret Gordon, Anne Matthews, Margaret McKay, Doris Lee, Dorothy Bielby, Lucy & Theresa Joinette, Doris Dell Janet Astle, Helen Campbell, Florence & Mary Cannon, Dorothy Damato, Miss Fishley (coach), Amy Fuller, Helen Geisenhoff, Bettie Giddens, Geraldine Grice, Gladys Hart, Betty Herrington, Mary Heximer, Margaret Jackson (Coach), Rose Leo, Doris McKenzie (Manager), Ine McKenzie, Molly Muisiner, Florence Overall, Isabel Newman (Manager), Alice Norman, Betty Reid, Doreen Sampson, Adeline Smillie, Mildred Tait, Jean Walker ;
Date  January 18, 2004.


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Team Member  Astle, Janet 
Team Member  Bielby, Dorothy 
Team Member  Campbell, Helen 
Team Member  Cannon, Florence 
Team Member  Cannon, Mary 
Team Member  Damato, Dorothy 
Team Member  Dell, Doris 
Team Member  Fuller, Amy 
Team Member  Geisenhoff, Dorothy 
Team Member  Giddens, Betty 
Team Member  Gordon, Margaret 
Team Member  Grice, Geraldine 
Team Member  Hart, Gladys 
Team Member  Herrington, Betty 
Team Member  Heximer, Mary 
Team Member  Hunt, June 
Team Member  Joinette, Lucy 
Team Member  Joinette, Theresa 
Team Member  Lee, Doris 
Team Member  Leo, Rose 
Team Member  Matthews, Anne 
Team Member  McKay, Margaret 
Team Member  McKenzie, Ine 
Team Member  Muisiner, Molly 
Team Member  Norman, Alice 
Team Member  Overall, Florence 
Team Member  Reid, Betty 
Team Member  Sampson, Doreen 
Team Member  Scott, Margaret 
Team Member  Smillie, Adeline 
Team Member  Tait, Mildred 
Team Member  Walker, Jean 
Team Member  Yankoff, Zorka 
Team Coach  Fishley, Miss 
Team Coach  Jackson, Margaret 
Team Coach  Walker, Mary 
Team Manager  McKenzie, Doris 
Team Manager  Newman, Isabel 
(Other)  McGirr, E J 
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