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Lions Midget Baseball Team 1974

Lions Midget Baseball Team 1974
Lions Midget Baseball Team 1974

A total team effort was displayed by a group of boys that had a special blend of ability and comradery. The Niagara Falls Lions Midget Baseball Team won the right to represent Ontario at the Canadian Championships by winning all five of their games at an Elimination Tournament in Hamilton.
The team was led by the steady pitching of left hander Jerry Cunningham, right hander, Wayne Bendo and the power pitching of John Liefl. The offensive attack was supplied by Lou Vescio, Wayne Bendo, Peter Long, Rick Herkimer and Conrad Marcotte. The defense was backed by the gloves of Jay Triano, Tom Liefl, Mike Long, Doug Heximer, Doug Smith, Sam DiMartino, Rick Priestman, Marty Mancuso, Rob Rylands and Dave Lair. 


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Team Member  Bendo, Wayne 
Team Member  Cunningham, Jerry 
Team Member  Di Martino, Sam 
Team Member  Herkimer, Rick 
Team Member  Heximer, Doug 
Team Member  Lair, David 
Team Member  Liefl, John 
Team Member  Liefl, Tom 
Team Member  Long, Mike 
Team Member  Long, Pete 
Team Member  Mancuso, Marty 
Team Member  Marcotte, Conrad 
Team Member  Newton, David 
Team Member  Priestman, Rick 
Team Member  Rylands, Rob 
Team Member  Smith, Doug 
Team Member  Triano, Jay 
Team Member  Vescio, Lou 
Team Coach  Newton, Tom 
Team Manager  Long, Pete 
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