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General Brocks Basketball Club 1938 - 1939

General Brocks Basketball Club 1938 - 1939
General Brock Basketball Club 1938 - 1939

Niagara Falls General Brocks defeated Welland "Maple Leafs" for the Niagara District Championship in a two-game total points series. Similar wins followed versus Stratford and Windsor, the latter being a particularly hard fought series, before meeting Toronto "Earl Greys" in the finals. After each team had won their home game, Niagara Falls defeated Toronto in the third game played in Hamilton. Unleashing a second half attack that would not be denied, the Niagara Falls Brocks crowned themselves worthy Ontario Intermediate "A" basketball champions when they defeated a desperate Earl Grey team of Toronto by the score of 36-31 in the deciding game of the Ontario finals. Veterans George "Pooch" Hillesheim and Os Harris were standouts throughout the playoffs. 


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Team Member  Austin, Doug 
Team Member  Barnes, Frank 
Team Member  Farrington, Harry 
Team Member  Gibbs, Fred 
Team Member  Harris, Oz 
Team Member  Hillesheim, George 
Team Member  Jolley, Art 
Team Member  McCutcheon, Doug 
Team Member  McKenzie, Leo 
Team Member  Pool, Jock 
Team Member  Price, Terry 
Team Member  Smith, Joseph 
Team Member  Stephenson, Jack 
Team Member  Wilson, Robbie 
Team Coach  Vandersluys, C H (Charles) 
Team Manager  Moynihan, H (Bump) 
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