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Echoes Basketball Club 1929 - 1930

Echoes Basketball Club 1929 - 1930
Echoes Basketball Club 1929 - 1930

Echoes dominated the courts at local provincial and national levels and claimed the 1929-30 Dominion intermediate basketball championship for Niagara Falls. Home games were played at St. Patrick's Hall which had the largest gymnasium playing surface in the city and allowed the Echoes to display their agility, quickness and ball handling skills to advantage. The Club was coached by Jack Houck with assistance from University of Buffalo mentor Art Powell.

After capturing Niagara District league honours in competition against teams from the Niagara region and Hamilton, defeated Belleville in a home and home series to take the Hamilton Herald Trophy and the Ontario intermediate title. St. John, New Brunswick supplied the opposition in the two game national final which was staged at the Niagara Falls Victoria Avenue Arena. Led by centre Orrin Hanna who scored 33 points, Echoes completely dominated both games, limiting St. John to 19 points in the second contest and winning the Dominion intermediate championship by a 56 point margin on the round. 


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Team Member  Champion, Herb 
Team Member  Cote, Biff 
Team Member  Denton, Fred 
Team Member  Haine, Jim 
Team Member  Hanna, Orrin 
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Team Member  McCallum, William (Doc) 
Team Member  Parker, Howard 
Team Member  Westover, Wilfred (Pep) 
Team Coach  Houck, Jack 
Team Coach  Powell, Art 
Team Manager  Henderson, Bruce 
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