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Chippawa Pee Wee Baseball Team 1958

Chippawa Pee Wee Baseball Team 1958
Chippawa Pee Wee Baseball Team 1958

As a result of a combination of fine playing, teamwork, and excellent coaching by Steve Fellinger and Jim Somerville, the Ontario Baseball Chamionship, in the Pee Wee League, was awarded to the Chippawa Pee Wees on October 13, 1958. During a home game at Chippawa Lions Sports Field, the competing Hagersville team was defeated in a ten-inning game. Immediately after the game a parade was spontaneously organized to honour the victors, which included a lead vehicle bearing the champions followed by fify cars.

The Chippawa Pee Wees arrived at the OBA finals by competing in the Greater Niagara Pee Wee League, winning nineteen of the twenty games played.

The team also entered the Little League World series held at the Toronto Exhibition that same year, and played a ten-inning game tying Scarborough in the morning and losing a 7-inning game to Hamilton in the evening.

It is interesting to note that the Chippawa Pee Wees was the only Pee Wee team in the village of Chippawa, while the opposing teams could have included All Stars from several teams in the larger centres. 

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Title 10th annual Sports Wall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Chippawa Pee Wee Baseball Team 1958
Creator  Simon, Pat
Description  Team members included: Gerry Crowley, Dave Gohm, John Bevan, Chick Rose, Bob Rutherford, Bill Thomas, Gerry Bowman, Gerry Bradman ; Jim Somerville, Keith Oleksuik, Jay Morrison, Bill Newman, Dan Brophy, Michael Quinn, Bob Goody, Jim T Somerville Coach, Paul Kadlick, Lee Herbold, Don Mann, Bob Watson, Rick Somerville Captain, Steve Fellinger Coach, Ed Thomas ;
Date  January 10, 1999.


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Team Member  Bevan, John 
Team Member  Bowman, Gerry 
Team Member  Bradman, Gerry 
Team Member  Brophy, Dan 
Team Member  Crowley, Gerry 
Team Member  Gohm, Dave 
Team Member  Goody, Bob 
Team Member  Herbold, Lee 
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Team Member  Mann, Don 
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Team Member  Oleksuik, Keith 
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Team Member  Rose, Chick 
Team Member  Rutherford, Bob 
Team Member  Somerville, Jim 
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Team Coach  Fellinger, Steve 
Team Coach  Somerville, Jim T 
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