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Chippawa Midgets Baseball Team 1960

Chippawa Midgets Baseball Team 1960
Chippawa Midgets Baseball Team 1960

The Chippawa Midgets Baseball Team brought honour to Chippawa and the City of Niagara Falls, by winning the Niagara District Championship and the Ontario Midget "C' Baseball Championship in 1960.
The squad, under the sponsorship of the Chippawa Baseball Association, defeated Fonthill to win the Niagara District title and then recorded elimination round victories over Bronte, Newburge and Kincardine before downing Belmont for the top honours.
Most of the 1960 team played together in Chippawa from 1955 to 1960 before moving to Niagara Falls to play junior baseball. In six years, the Chippawa Midgets accomplished three Niagara District Championships, one Ontario finalist and two Ontario Baseball Championships. 


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Team Coach  Fellinger, Steve 
Team Manager  Galley, George 
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