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Cataracts Senior Soccer Team 1927

Cataracts Senior Soccer Team 1927
Cataracts Senior Soccer Team 1927

In the early years of this century, Canada experienced a large influx of immigrants from the British Isles. Many of these people settled in Niagara Falls. Among them were young men and boys who brought with them a desire to play the sport of soccer.

With the financial help of Jack Ward, from the Prospect Hotel, Robert J Irvine was instrumental in organizing, managing and coaching the Niagara Falls Cataracts Senior Soccer Team. They suffered through humble beginnings, but after a few seasons of growing pains, the Cataracts became a quality team in the St Catharines and District League.

The large crowds of loyal fans became accustomed to seeing the Cataracts win many of their games. They were rewarded with back-to-back, "Graves Cup" championship seasons in 1927 and 1928.

The honour and notoriety received by each member of the Cataracts was very richly deserved, as is their induction to the Niagara Falls Sports Wall of Fame. 

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Title Niagara Falls Cataracts Senior Soccer Team 1927 - 1928
Description  original photograph was taken at Barker Street Public School in October 1928
Notes  From the personal collection of Bill Irvine ; Note names are a listing only, they do not match to positions on the photograph ; Alec Knight Captain, Ted Frost Asst. Captain,Fred Irvine, Bill Rankin, Jack Shields, Joe Templeton, Chris Sorley, Bill Melvin, Bob Mills, Bob Auld, Joe Strachan, Hugh Rankin, H Mathieson, A Oldham, T Murphy, J Frost, T Monohan, W Stobo, Brenin. Bob Irvine Manager/Coach, George Ovens Asst. Coach, P Cuthbert Trainer, Norm Irvine Mascot/Ball Boy ; Not all team members are included in the photograph ;
Date  October, 1928.


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Team Member  Auld, Bob 
Team Member  Brenin 
Team Member  Cuthbert, P 
Team Member  Frost, J 
Team Member  Frost, Ted 
Team Member  Irvine, Fred 
Team Member  Irvine, Norm 
Team Member  Knight, Alec 
Team Member  Mathieson, H 
Team Member  Melvin, Bill 
Team Member  Mills, Bob 
Team Member  Monohan, T 
Team Member  Murphy, T 
Team Member  Oldham, A 
Team Member  Rankin, Bill 
Team Member  Rankin, Hugh 
Team Member  Shields, Jack 
Team Member  Sorley, Chris 
Team Member  Stobo, W 
Team Member  Strachan, Joe 
Team Member  Templeton, Joe 
Team Assistant Coach  Ovens, George 
Team Manager  Irvie, Bob 
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