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Buckley's West Enders Juvenile Baseball Team 1936

Buckley's West Enders Juvenile Baseball Team 1936
Buckley's West Enders Juvenile Baseball Team 1936

The West Ends won the Ontario Baseball Amateur Association Juvenile Championship in 1936, the third provincial title for Niagara Falls since the Niagara Falls Amateur Baseball Association was formed in 1932. The juvenile champion was essentially the same team that previously garnered provincial honours at the bantam level and many of the same players were later on the team which won the Ontario title at the junior level. The 1936 West End
Juvenile team took the Fred Wiseman Trophy, emblematic of the Niagara Falls Association Championship, by defeating St. Pats three straight in the best of five playoff series. The Niagara District League champion Welland Tigers fell next to the West Enders, followed by the Hamilton Moodie Tigers and the Toronto St. Cyprians team which was victimized by
a hidden ball play engineered by flashy West End shortstop Patterson in the eighth inning of the deciding game. Upon their return from Dundas, after soundly defeating the Galt Pickards 14- 7 in the third and final game of the next play-off series, the West Enders were met by their fans and paraded across the city. Northern Ontario representative Sudbury came to Niagara FaIls for a two game match -up played on Thanksgiving weekend to determine who would lay claim to the Ontario title. The West Enders left no doubt as to their supremacy as they convincingly thrashed the northern squad in both encounters, outscoring them 27 -5 and claiming the 1936 O.B.A.A. Juvenile Championship. 


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