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Lorenzo Construction Junior Baseball Team 1958

Lorenzo Construction Junior Baseball Team 1958
Lorenzo Construction Junior Baseball Team 1958

Recognition of the 1958 Lorenzo Construction Junior Baseball Team's Ontario Baseball Association (OBA) chmapionship season, is particularly timely as 1988 marks the 40th Anniversary of this team's accomplishments.

In 1958, there was no Canadian Championship series for Junior baseball, therefore the OBA Championship was the highest achievable distinction a team could attain. The Evening Review and St Catharines Standard sports editors applauded the team at the time and described it as "one of the best teams to come out of Niagara Falls in the last two decades".

The Lorenzo Construction Juniors 16-1 record in a very competitive regional league, their undefeated league playoff record, their tournament victories and an OBA championship which required that they defeat strong Kitchener and Oshawa teams in the best of five playdowns, was only made possible with an outstanding team. The team's overall league championship record for the 1957 and 1958 seasons was 27-2-1 in Regional Junior competitions.

The 1958 Lorenzo Construction Team was made up of many fine players who had played together for at least five years and were no stranger ot play-off competition. There is no doubt that this team's accomplishments - three appearances in Ontario Baseball Championship final series, and two Ontario Championships over the five-yer period, clearly illustrate consistency.

The Lorenzo Construction juniors had depth, balance and many versatile players. The players credit their ability to maintain an effective team to their coach, Fred Plato. Fred's excellent coaching skills, combined with his firm but friendly manner were instrumental in leading the team through an outstanding year culminating in the Ontario Baseball Assoscation Championship. 


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